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A gearbox is a device designed to transmit and convert torque. Gearboxes are used in processing, transport, lifting mechanisms, mining equipment and many other applications.

DODGE gearboxes include a housing and gear elements (shafts, bearings, gears, etc.). DODGE housings are durable ductile iron cast iron bodies that provide a rigid structure for bearing assemblies and gears. Also, an important element is the seal that protects the gearbox from dirt and dust.

Benefits of DODGE gearboxes:

  • Easy to install, mounted directly on the shaft without additional elements.
  • Reliable, manufactured in accordance with the American AGMA standard.
  • They are durable.
  • With small dimensions, they have a large transfer moment.
  • The design of the inner part of the housing ensures continuous lubrication of the bearing assemblies.
  • They have a variety of options for individual selection.

DODGE offers the following gearbox types:

  • Cylindrical Attached (Angled, Parallel) Torque Arm
  • Worm gear Tigear-2
  • Cylindrical (coaxial, conical, parallel) Quantis
  • Cylindrical (parallel, angular) MagnaGear XTR
  • Cylindrical (coaxial) MAXUM
  • Dodge cylindrical reducers for screw conveyors (auger) SCXT TORQUE-ARM series Technical parameters:
    • Industry standard
    • Roller bearings with high axial load ratings
    • 2- and 3-bolt shafts according to CEMA standard
    • Power up to 75 hp
    • Standard gear ratio i = 5,9,15, and 25: 1
    • Drive shafts 1 1/2 ” – 3 7/16 ”
    • Hydraulic motor drive capability
    • Installation vertical or tilted
    • Shaft mounted
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Reducers Dodge single-stage worm gear TIGEAR-2 series


    • Hollow shaft, separate or three-element input device
    • Fully enclosed design
    • Gear ratios from 5: 1 to 60: 1
    • Increased rated torque
    • Solid or hollow output shaft
    • Mounting with GRIP-TIGHT adapter
    • Anti-corrosion options
    • Factory filled with synthetic grease
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(рус) Редукторы DODGE

Reducers Dodge worm single-stage corrosion-resistant series TIGEAR-2 E-Z KLEEN


  • Sealing system protects against high pressure fluids
  • Solid or hollow stainless steel output shaft
  • Factory filled with no-change synthetic food grade grease
  • Mounting with GRIP-TIGHT adapter

Benefits: New 13-step coating technology provides 3 times more corrosion resistance than conventional epoxy

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Reducers Dodge single-stage worm gears from stainless steel TIGEAR-2 ULTRA KLEEN series


  • Maximum protection against moisture, no painted parts
  • 316 stainless steel for gear housing
  • Solid or hollow stainless steel output shaft
  • Factory filled with synthetic food grade grease
  • Mounting with GRIP-TIGHT adapter
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Reducers Dodge combined two-stage worm-cylindrical series Combination TIGEAR


  • Factory filled with synthetic hydrocarbon grease
  • Patented double taper bushings
  • Corrosion-resistant housing
  • Outer seals

Dodge QUANTIS ILH, RHB, MSM series gearboxes

The Quantis family of reducers includes:

  • Coaxial cylindrical ILH series
  • Cylindrical-conical series RHB
  • Cylindrical parallel shaft series MSM


  • Power P = 0.18 … 55 kW
  • Torque T2 = 13 … 14,000 Nm
  • Gear ratio i = 1.41 … 359
  • Inch dimensions (metric versions of input and output flanges and shafts are possible)
  • Spring loaded nitrile rubber (NBR) double lip seals.

Variety of options:

  • Optional XT four-lip seal for wet and abrasive service (optional)
  • Backstop
  • CEMA standard adapters and drive shafts can be used for installation on screw conveyors (option MSM and RHB)
  • Dodge® Quantis® E-Z Kleen® Aseptic
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(рус) Редукторы DODGE
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Dodge CSB Series Conveyor Controlled Braking and Stopping Gearboxes


  • Robust design for heavy duty use
  • Special sealing system
  • Sensor system for monitoring
  • Programmable controller

Dodge MAGNA GEAR XTR Series Heavy Duty Parallel and Angle Reducers


  • Power P ≤ 1 840 kW
  • Torque T2 = 11 300 … 103 940 Nm
  • Gear ratio i = 8 … 63
  • Protruding or hollow output shaft
  • Inch dimensions (metric version of input and output shafts is possible)

Options: air-cooled electric fan, swing frame, internal backstop, etc.

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Dodge Concentric Heavy Duty Gearboxes MAXUM Series


  • Power P ≤ 1 180 kW
  • Torque T2 ≤ 56 720 Nm
  • Gear ratio i = 2.25 … 194.6
  • Inch dimensions
  • High strength internally ribbed housing
  • Tapered roller bearings on all shafts
  • Standard double lip seals

Variety of options:

  • Air cooling impeller
  • Several types of mounting frames
  • Possibility to install a belt drive at the gearbox input
  • Viton seals
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