Conveyor belts ASBELT

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ASBELT is the manufacturer of conveyor PVC and PU belts, the company was founded in Istanbul in 2002 year.
It produces a wide range of conveyor belts, transmission belts for food, textile, ceramic, printing, wood processing and other industries.
The basis in production line are PVC belts of general purpose and FDA approved. The color of the belts differs depending on the application and can be white, green, blue, black, gray, etc. Some belts don’t have smooth surface, but structural, such as, for example, “reverse pyramid”, “waffle”, “super grip”, rhombus or square, etc.
The thickness of PVC conveyor belts varies from 1 mm to 13 mm and is chosen on the basis of operating conditions, namely: workload, product type, diameters of existing pulley, conveyor type (trough, inclined, z-shaped, straight with the belt running over the table and t .d.) In addition to the thickness, the important parameter is the number of fabric layers that form the belt frame and determine the breaking load of the finished product.
Belts can be joined by method of heat vulcanization, using a mechanical fasteners or supplied in a roll with open ends.
For elevator-type conveyors, Z and L-shaped or other complex designs, conveyor belts can be made with sidewalls, inclined or straight cleats, guide profiles, waves or special fingers.