Food Belts Volta Belting

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According to HACCP requirements the materials used for equipment’s manufacture have to be suitable for contact with concrete production, surrounding conditions, washing agents and disinfectants and also with applied methods of sanitary processing. The usage of fabric elements in constructions isn’t allowed as fabric absorbs moisture and serves as a place for a congestion and reproduction of microorganisms. The central failure of the belts with a fabric cord is stratifying, hairiness of a cord and wear of a polymer cover. The stratification and wear of fabric layers directly influence the service life of the belt and hygienic level as of the technological lines so of the manufacturing products.

Volta Belting conveyor belts for the food industry conform to requirements of HACCP. The belts of Volta Belting have specially developed homogeneous structure and are produced of unique TPU materials. The belts are made of the cuts and wear resistant materials. Thereby notches and scratches are excluded where bacteria can live and breed. It strongly simplifies cleaning and leads to reduction of expenses for labor and decrease of production downtime.

Light cleaning of the belts conduce:

– Less Water and chemicals required for cleaning
– Reduced cost for treatment of waste water
– Increases production uptime
– Long and reliable life service
– Decreases the possibility of the expensive recall of goods

Besides, the Volta belts are characterized by long service life reached due to deficiency of fabric layers which could become soiled or exfoliate. Due to the strong wear proof surface preventing pollution, to the high resistance to hydrolysis, oils and chemicals that allow the belt to keep elasticity, cuts and wear resistance many years these belts can be used by cutting of foodstuffs.