Speed sensors


French company STIF is the worldwide known manufacturer of elevator components. Companies such as BUHLER, CIMBRIA, ANDRITZ, CROCUS, SKANDIA ELEVATOR, PETKUS, ZUTHER, SHENK PROCESS REDLER and many others build up their equipment with STIF products. The production unit is based in the west of France and is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to produce up to 600 buckets per hour. Our company is the exclusive representative of STIF in Ukraine.

Dustproof speed sensors STIF are designed to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the elevator. The speed sensor is installed on the driven drum and allows you to judge the degree of slippage of the elevator belt and, when the set value is exceeded, it gives a signal of an emergency situation.

VIGIRO IP26 – CRCI91250T: Ue 10…36V Cable 2m – NON ATEX

– speed / motion sensor VIGIRO® IP26 was designed to control shaft speed.

– VIGIRO® IP26 integrates pulse counter switch, that records the frequency of the nominal pulses.

– designed for installation in bucket elevators, chain conveyors, mixer machines, etc.

– speed/motion sensor VIGIRO® IP26 is mounted on the shaft with M12 bolt in the case of a standard version or with M10 bolt on request.

As an option, it is possible to mount using the EAZYFIX magnet mount, which allows you to quickly put the sensor into operation and avoid drilling for the bolts.

– protective housing from polycarbonate

– connection cable 2m (3 wires)

– rotating axis with thread M12 for standard version (M10 on request) for fitting to shaft

– possible adjustment of the speed / motion sensor VIGIRO® IP26, it is considered the rotational speed from 0.5 … 500 revolutions per min, i.e. 1 … 1000 pulses per min.

GIRO L IP18 – CRLI91261T: Ue 10…36V DC Cable 2м – NON ATEX
Standard version: 2 impulses for rotation
Optionally: 4 impulses for rotation

was designed to control shaft speed.

– Inductive speed / rotation sensor GIRO L IP18 was designed to control shaft speed. It is used to fix a dangerous lowering of the shaft speed. Designed for installation in bucket elevators, chain conveyors, mixer machines, rotary valves, conveyor belts etc.

Speed sensors