VAN GORP Pulleys

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VAN GORP fully specializes on pulleys (pulleys) and rollers of any execution, this is why these products are the most reliable and qualitative you can find on the market.



– pulleys are produced using a cold stamping process that increases the strength of steel;

– rims, discs and hubs are fused together using a deep penetration process of submerged-arc welding;

– the result is a continuously welded pulley design that prevents water and dirt from penetrating inside the pulley;

– less maintenance, longer lifetime of the pulley and, most importantly, a sharp decrease in radial deformation and longitudinal deflection in the rim;

– magnetic pulleys are presented in the product range. They are a unique solution that allows to separate metal parts from the product qualitative.

Thanks to the process of continuous welding of the hub, disc and rim, VAN GORP has turned the weak link of elevators and belt conveyors into a reliable unit – a heavy-duty pulley that surpasses any other on the market today. The fact is that intermittent welding of the disc to the rim is a common method of manufacture in most pulleys, but not in pulleys from VAN GORP. The hub and sleeve XT are chosen because the holding capacity of the XT conical sleeves is the best in fixating the drums on the shaft and the drum shifting along the shaft will be excluded. Moreover, the front and rear sides of the rim are formed before rolling. This formation process minimizes the dimensions of the joint on the rim.

In the product range there are:

– drive pulleys with lagging and without it;

– non-drive pulley, including self-cleaning, with spiral winding, with lagging and without it;

– magnetic pulleys;

– idlers;

– rollers;

– shafts.