Industrial couplings KOP-FLEX

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KOP-FLEX is a leader in the production of couplings, was founded in 1920 year and has more than 90 years of design and application experience to a wide range of industries. Industrial couplings and EPT KOP-FLEX technology are designed for industrial applications, from pumps up to compressors, in the petrochemical, technological, pulp and paper and metal rolling industries. An extended range of coupling sizes is ideal for standard inch and metric shaft sizes, which allows you to choose the right solution for the required torque and load. Kop-Flex offers a number of individual applications developed according to the following standards: API (American Petroleum Institute) 671 (ISO 10441), API 610 (ISO 13409) as well as availability of production by customer standards.
The line of Kop-Flex couplings includes gear, spring, disk, flexible, lubricated, non-lubricated and other couplings.
Kop-Flex also offers a range of lead-free grease lubricants for couplings that are designed to withstand centrifugal separation caused by the rotation of the coupling.