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«START- UP» company was founded in 2009. 

Specialization – production and sale of equipment and components.

Working with us, you receive the best prices for import components, short delivery terms, the guaranteed. We seek to make the work of our clients maximum effective and profitable. We help to reduce the costs for maintenance works and materials and to increase the productivity. Beginning from calculation of efficiency, a selection of the optimal equipment, taking into account features of production we finish with after-sale service and consultations.

Our mission – to provide to the industrial enterprises the best world technologies for the achievement of the high quality production standards and for the increase of efficiency and competitiveness on the wide markets.

Our vision – to establish itself as a leader on the market of suppliers of the equipment and components for the industrial enterprises.

Our purpose - achievement of high standards of work by all staff of our company.

Company values: knowledge and professionalism, quality, innovations, responsibility, reliability.


Наша миссия

missiy Достижение высоких      стандартов качества.

Наше видение

videneЗанять лидирующие позиции на рынке.

Наша цель

celДостижение высоких стандартов работы.

Наши ценности

cennostiПрофессионализм, качество, надежность.